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Harmonic Bowls

Tuned singing bowls for professional use

What is that?

We look for a singularity to get the perfect harmonic bowl for you.

Los cuencos son instrumentos sonoros de gran resonancia, especialmente dise帽ados para que al friccionarlos o percutirlos emitan vibraciones complejas que producen una gran variedad de sonidos arm贸nicos. Su uso est谩 especialmente indicado para terapia, sonoterapia, yoga, meditaci贸n y cualquier pr谩ctica para el desarrollo de la consciencia y el cultivo de la salud.

Est谩n elaborados artesanalmente a partir de una aleaci贸n de varios metales de la m谩s alta calidad y pureza. Var铆an en forma, sonido y tama帽o, y son seleccionados en funci贸n a estrictos par谩metros de calidad sonora y terap茅utica, que les otorga unas cualidades de estabilidad, resonancia y armon铆a 煤nicos de car谩cter profesional.

The true essence of sound is its nature to create harmony.

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For whom?

For you, without a doubt, because you are here for something...

The use of the bowls is indicated for anyone who wants to enjoy their magical sound. For people who want to know and experience the therapeutic power of sound and its use as a tool for healing and personal transformation.

It is also recommended if what you want is to balance your chakras or seek physical-mental balance thanks to the influence that the sound emanating from the bowls exerts on our body and mind, generating a pleasant feeling of peace and well-being.

They can help you complement your therapy, your daily meditation routine or complement your group yoga classes.


So are our singing bowls

How to find yours

Sound is of very important. Each bowl is unique, but here some tips:



Choose your type of bowl: new construction or old construction. The first ones have a lot of sonic brilliance and extraordinary technical qualities. The second ones are exclusive pieces created before mass commercialization, they have a very special energy.



Close your eyes, listen and connect with its sound. The moment you feel a feeling that is pleasant to you and transmits peace and serenity, you will be on the right path. You will know that you have found your ideal bowl because you will be able to perceive a special connection and a magical bond that will attract your senses.



You can also choose it based on its note to complement other bowls you already have or harmonize other instruments you use in your healing or therapeutic routines.

Why choose us?

We have another way of working with singing bowls.

har jit

We were convinced that there was another way to enjoy the sound of singing bowls without sacrificing premium quality and offering honest service at a competitive price.

We treat each piece with the respect and professionalism that a precision instrument requires. We know, from our extensive experience, that just as a well tuned and harmonic bowl can be a great healing tool, a disharmonious, out of tune or poorly alloyed O becomes the opposite, something counterproductive.

Discover our bowls, listen to their harmony and if you still have doubts, you can contact us. They will surprise you!

Harmonious sound

Another way to delight


Its magical and particular sound and vibrations will bring you tranquility and serenity.

Imagine being able to stimulate your body and mind through harmonic sounds that will create a positive effect on your emotional well-being. Now stop imagining, this is the power that sound exerts on your body and that affects the three human levels: the physical, the mental and the spiritual.


In our school we have developed the Bio-harmonic method

We have developed the bio-harmonic method of sound therapy, to harmonize body biorhythms through the use of sound harmony and the correct application of frequency and intensity patterns, in perfect combination with the projection of intention, the control of breathing and movement. , through the sets of harmonic bowls.

Singing bowls are one of the most effective musical instruments for sound therapy healing. They act as harmonizing factors, recreating our natural harmonic frequency and making it easier for us to recover our balance and natural harmony again. They facilitate deep and healing relaxation.

Relax, vibe and enjoy

Its sound recreates our natural harmonic frequency