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Harmonic Bowls
They will transport you to a world of spiritual and harmonic sounds
Sweet, relaxing and captivating
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Relax and enjoy
Its harmony eliminates stress and makes you feel good
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We are specialists in harmonic singing bowls, sets and monochords, for a professional use.

immerse yourself in harmony

Singing bowls

You won't have to choose between quality, price or harmony.

We treat each piece with the respect and professionalism that a precision tool requires and look for uniqueness to achieve the perfect harmonic singing bowl for your collection.

Discover our singing bowls, listen to them and if you still have doubts, you can contact us. They will surprise you!

Let's discover the power of sound therapy instrumentos and get the most out of them.

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A unique tool to delve into meditation and awareness

Made and studied with the precision of a luthier, to offer you a musical instrument with which you can feel in depth the captivating effects of its harmonic sounds.

We are proud to produce them individually and handmade in Galicia, our home.

About us

We have another way of working with sound therapy instruments

We were convinced that there was another way to enjoy the sound of singing bowls and monochords without sacrificing premium quality and offering an honest and quality service at a competitive price.

They are for anyone who wants to achieve personal and professional growth.


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You do not need musical knowledge to get your singing bowl. You simply need to formalize your friction technique to get the most out of it. We can help you and give you some tips or, if you prefer, by attending one of our training sessions you will come out knowing how to play your bowl.

Of course it is. Isn’t it good to invest in health, in feeling good? Whether you want to use these instruments in your day routine, or if you are a professional and want to apply them in your work to add a plus to your routines and increase your income. Up to you.

The use of healing instruments such as singing bowls or monochords will undoubtedly provide you with a very powerful sound tool that will attract more people. If you play wrong, or out of tune, you will not project the necessary harmony and you will create disharmony. So a training  will always enhance your technique.

The brightest are newly built, highly appreciated for their great versatility and their great sound and therapeutic qualities. The opaque ones are like that because with the passage of time they lose that brilliant patina but which gives them respect and the uniqueness that the passing of the years leaves on them. The old bowls are unique pieces with a special magic.

No. Our monochords are very easy to play, so you do not need musical knowledge or skills. We will give you some basic notions to be able to enjoy it yourself. 

It provides both the player and the listener with a sweet, relaxing and well-being feeling. Undoubtedly it is an extraordinary tool to delve into states of meditation and consciousness.

We are Sound & Soul.