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Sound art

Musical sounds are imprecise things that are among the most ephemeral objects of human perception.

What is a monochord?

A simply captivating musical instrument

It is a musical instrument based on mathematical science that became known through the experiments of Pythagoras and still plays a fundamental role in harmonic research.

It is an easy-to-play instrument that does not require special knowledge or musical skills. Today, it is used as a therapeutic instrument, due to its great versatility and harmony. It is highly appreciated and used in sound therapy, music education and musical productions.

Our monochords are made and studied with the precision of a luthier, to offer you a musical instrument with which you can deeply feel the captivating effects of its harmonic sounds.


Proud to manufacture it individually and by hand in Galicia, our land.

Handcraft from Galicia

We have created a unique version of the monochord: ultralight and high quality.

We are proud to produce them individually and by hand in Galicia, our land.

Its sound box and its headstock are made exclusively with KM0 noble woods of great quality and musicality. It is finished with a highly durable water-based varnish, for greater respect for the environment, and glued with natural resins. Plus, we use acoustic guitar strings for unparalleled enjoyment and ease of replacement.

We offer different tunings so you can use it in tune with other instruments and voices, or just solo. We have two recommended sizes, which are: 1m long by 30cm wide and another 90cm long by 30cm wide, as we have verified that these are the measurements where their harmonics sound best and have a very special shine and sweetness. Their total weight is around 2.5kg, they have 29 strings and are amplified with double ceramic pickups, jack output and volume control.

What is the funniest part? That you can create your custom monochord from minute one. You will participate in the process and we will send you photos and videos so that you can see the birth of your new partner. Within a wide range, you will choose the woods you want, the engraving on the top, if you want to include a mantra… So you can make it more authentic, more yours.

¬ęThere is geometry in the hum of the strings. There is music in the spheres' movement. - Pythagoras.

Sweet, relaxing and captivating

Its harmonics are able to fill a room in a very subtle way.

Sound therapy instrument

Ready to be used by professionals or music enthusiasts.

It provides both the toucher and the listener with a sweet, relaxing and well-being sensation, creating a positive emotional experience.

Music is a powerful and effective medium that helps reduce anxiety, pain, and stress. In fact, the harmonic sounds of the monochord have already been investigated through experiments to reduce anxiety and improve relaxation.

Sound therapists deserve high-quality musical instruments, which is why we have created a unique, ultra-light version designed to provide maximum performance and comfort.

Our monochords are simply captivating. The moment you start caressing it, it immediately creates a hypnotic atmosphere that catches you. It will be hard to stop…

An instrument to fall in love with

Its repetitive and enveloping nature is ideal for creating a calm environment.