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About us

The Himalayas: where this story begins…


It all started on a trip. The rest is history.

The decision to create Cuencos Armónicos was born from an accumulation of experiences and learning during trips to the Himalayas that brought the true architect of this project, Har Jit, closer to the mystical world of Tibetan bowls. The ingenuity of finalizing the project leads to a process of reflection and planning that culminates in 2012 with the purpose of bringing the benefits of sound therapy to a larger audience.

Cuencos Armónicos offers a product of excellence through the choice of bowls of exceptional quality, with the aim of surprising you and exceeding your expectations. Our bowls are chosen at destination one by one and respecting the creations of the artisans, so that you get the best.

Har Jit

Adventurer by nature, India, Tibet and Nepal are the places where I specialized in sound therapy and the use of yogic techniques.

har jit
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Founder | Sound therapist | Luthier

The passion for this land and for the mystical that is in it led me to dedicate myself to the world of sound therapy.

I created the Cuencos Armónicos with the aim of transmitting my acquired knowledge about the world of sound therapy, developing the bio-harmonic method of harmonizing body biorhythms and harmonic meditation routines. In it, the multiple benefits of sound therapy are investigated and disseminated.

Right now I am immersed in a project that I am really passionate about: building monochords. During the pandemic I had the necessary time to reinvent myself and focus on designing and creating completely handmade monochords made of fine wood.

I studied at the EMAO in Vigo, learning the craft construction of musical instruments, and now I continue with my workshop. So my dream came true. This encourages me to keep researching new methods and creating the best products.

We are a team, we are Har Jit & Zulia , happy to help you!


Enterpreneu, curious and creative.


Co-founder | Marketing & Advertising

Hi! I’m Zulia, the least visible face here… Restless spirit, and passionate about creativity.

My career has been as heterodox as myself. I studied for years between England, Germany and Australia and gained valuable international experience. Although my titles do not define me, they are just  part of me.

My work here? I am in charge of the branding, web design, Instagram and all the advertising part. I’m in charge of the marketing, although I confess that I fell in love with monochords and I play with Har Jit from time to time. We are looking forward to meeting you!

We look forward unique bowls, that have that X factor that we love.

Sound & Soul

So we are.


We do not sell anything that we do not defend in private before any friend.



We choose our bowls at destination individually and respecting the creations, offering the highest quality in our products.



We are original; We have created the bio-harmonic method to be able to spread the benefits of sound therapy, as well as the Harmonic set for a more organized and professional work.



We behave honestly and ethically with all our collaborators and clients. We like good vibes.

In Cuencos Armónicos you won't have to choose between quality and price.